28 April 2008

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright...

...is back!

Unreal. As a McCain guy, I do a fist pump every time I see Wright on TV. Obama -- after Bittergate, Rezkogate, NAFTA-gate and Wright's first appearance on national TV -- has taken an enormous image hit in the last three months. For a guy who has taken the Democratic primary lead (if only by a nose) based almost entirely on image and fluffy, nonsense rhetoric, this stuff has been absolutely damning. McCain and Hillary, for better or worse, are known quantities, and no matter what eleventh-hour story comes out between now and November, the public's perception of both will largely remain unchanged.

The Pope of Hope is an entirely different entity. He was already reeling from the above events and his nearly double-digit loss to Hillary in Pennsylvania. And when Wright appeared again, speaking before the NAACP yesterday and continuing to vomit his idiocy, Obama's team had to be cringing.

The bottom line is this: The damage from Wright is so deep that no amount of explanation will be sufficient to undo it. The best Obama can hope for is that Wright stops making these public-service announcements and simply goes away. McCain, the RNC, pro-McCain 527s and even the Clinton campaign have a barn full of ammunition to fire at Obama from now until November (or, in Hillary's case, the convention in August). The voters that Obama needs to win -- the people who jumped from Reagan to Perot to Bill Clinton, and who are attracted to McCain because of his independent streak -- are disgusted by people like Jeremiah Wright. And for good reason.

The Changemaker had better hope Wright goes away.

17 April 2008

Introductory Post

We are law students, and therefore don't have unlimited time to waste. But we like to ruffle feathers, and that's what we intend to do.

Additionally, this inaugural post is to be considered The Commissioner's formal endorsement of Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) for president of the United States.