28 April 2008

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright...

...is back!

Unreal. As a McCain guy, I do a fist pump every time I see Wright on TV. Obama -- after Bittergate, Rezkogate, NAFTA-gate and Wright's first appearance on national TV -- has taken an enormous image hit in the last three months. For a guy who has taken the Democratic primary lead (if only by a nose) based almost entirely on image and fluffy, nonsense rhetoric, this stuff has been absolutely damning. McCain and Hillary, for better or worse, are known quantities, and no matter what eleventh-hour story comes out between now and November, the public's perception of both will largely remain unchanged.

The Pope of Hope is an entirely different entity. He was already reeling from the above events and his nearly double-digit loss to Hillary in Pennsylvania. And when Wright appeared again, speaking before the NAACP yesterday and continuing to vomit his idiocy, Obama's team had to be cringing.

The bottom line is this: The damage from Wright is so deep that no amount of explanation will be sufficient to undo it. The best Obama can hope for is that Wright stops making these public-service announcements and simply goes away. McCain, the RNC, pro-McCain 527s and even the Clinton campaign have a barn full of ammunition to fire at Obama from now until November (or, in Hillary's case, the convention in August). The voters that Obama needs to win -- the people who jumped from Reagan to Perot to Bill Clinton, and who are attracted to McCain because of his independent streak -- are disgusted by people like Jeremiah Wright. And for good reason.

The Changemaker had better hope Wright goes away.


Diane said...

Yeah! Congrats on the blog. What fun. I agree that the damage to Obama is deep, really deep - at least after that stunt at the National Press Club (I didn't think the Moyer interview was all that bad). Why Wright would do something like that to Obama is beyond me. It's too damaging to be ameliorated even if Wright goes away. Obama HAS to address this and find some way to undo some of this damage. Refute, denounce. I don't think he would disown but it needs to come close to that.

Ryan said...

I think it's interesting that Wright has come out on blast to the national press club, and although I only caught part of the interview he was saying some pretty ridiculous stuff.

I don't think anyone would deny that Wright has done the most damage to Obama so far. My question is... do you think this could be a political move? Put Wright so far out there that Obama can break all ties... I saw on drudge today he's planning some big press conference about Wright.

I think Wright is a nut anyway, but maybe sending him this far out on the ledge makes it easier for Obama to say forget him... does this make sense to anyone else, is it too much of a gamble? does it have potential to play to Obama's favor if he can get rid of this idiot for good? What does the "commish" think?

For the record, I'll go ahead and throw my hat in the lesser of the three evils corner and endorse McCain.


The Commissioner said...

I think the tail is wagging the dog here. I really do believe that Obama's people realize that the more Wright talks, the more Obama is damaged. It's true that the more extreme Wright gets, the easier it is for Obama to step away from him, but the Changemaker doesn't gain anything from Wright spewing his idiocy. I suppose we should at least give a nodding approval to his at-last denunciation of Wright's latest antics, but does he really expect us to believe that he had no idea about any of this during the 20 years he was a member of Wright's church?

I don't see any way that anything related to Wright -- short of Obama decking him in public -- helps the Pope of Hope in the least. 527s are going to hammer this issue ad nauseum come September and October. I really believe that if Obama loses the general election, Wright will have been the biggest reason...even bigger than the fact that Obama has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. But I digress...

Makes his "Race in America" speech look pretty worthless, doesn't it? I'm glad he felt the need to give me that lecture.