12 July 2008

Webb off the short list?

Barack Obama and John McCain have their share of shortcomings. McCain is short-tempered, holier-than-thou and 71. Obama is an inexperienced extremist and appears extraordinarily stupid when talking about foreign policy.

So it's notable that this week, Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who fits the bill for the perfect running mate for the Changemaker -- a politically moderate military guru from a swing state -- formally took himself out of the running.

Per Newsweek:

Virginia Sen. James Webb made everybody's short list for vice president--except his own. He surprised the political world this week with a press release taking his name out of the running, a step that went beyond the coy expressions of disinterest expected from politicians who in reality are salivating for the job. His reasoning: he thinks he can accomplish more as a U.S. senator than he could as Barack Obama's running mate

Perhaps. But to any Republican, the prospect of an Obama-Webb ticket was frightening. Obama still has a number of choices that would be enormously beneficial -- Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, Gen. Wesley Clark and especially GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. However, he also has a number of choices that would be far less beneficial, and whom leftist party officials will be clamoring for -- chief among them John Edwards and Al Gore.

And his best man is officially off the board.

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