14 October 2008

Three weeks out

And Sen. McCain's underdog campaign is in big trouble. It appears that Sen. Obama's swing-state spending spree is working, as the Hopemonger has a legitimate chance to win virtually every swing state (including Ohio, Florida and Missouri) and either approach or surpass 350 electoral votes. 

Team Maverick has languished in the wilderness for far too long, cobbling together a piecemeal approach to dealing with the country's financial woes. While Obama's irresponsible tax plan -- crank up taxes on individuals and small businesses making more than $250,000 a year -- has the potential to plunge the country into a full-scale depression, McCain has been largely unable to articulate any sort of cognizable attack on the Changemaker's underlying socialistic tendencies, or the economic benefits of helping out small businesses to stimulate job creation. As Obama has charged that McCain's tax policies benefit only the rich (to be fair, they'll get the lion's share of the tax cuts), the Senior Senator has far too often replied with "spending," "earmarks" or "bears in Montana." 

When the Dow drops more than 30% over a several-week period, promising to veto a few billion dollars in earmarks is not the way to assuage voters' concerns.

Nor is the McCain campaign's inexplicable decision to bring up Obama's long-ago associations with admitted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers at the height of the economic crisis.

Another analysis of the state of the race will be posted sometime after tomorrow's third and final debate between the two candidates. 

Needless to say, the prognosis won't be terribly optimistic.

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