09 December 2008

Rod Blagojevich is a contemptible piece of trash

Does "staggering" even do this story justice?

Attempting to extort money from a children's hospital.

Trying to force out members of the Chicago Tribune's editorial board who criticized him.

Discussing how to "monetize" the relationships he's made as governor.

Bribes around every corner.

Attempting to sell the Changemaker's vacated seat in the United States Senate.

Planning to appoint himself to that seat, so that -- get this -- he would have more protection from federal prosecutors as a member of the U.S. Senate. 

Bartering for a cushy lobbying gig for his wife.

And perhaps at perhaps his most audacious, soliciting favors -- considered to be either an ambassadorship or the HHS czar -- from the office of the president-elect in exchange for Team Hope's preferred choice to replace Obama.

Many in the media -- and virtually everyone in the Democratic Party -- are calling this a sad day for Illinois and for America. 

I completely disagree.

This is a wonderful day.

It's a day when the kingpin of the most corrupt political machine in North America was brought to his knees.

The Daley/Blagojevich axis of evil has been dealt a crippling blow.

It's a great day for the rule of law.

It's a great day for the citizens of Illinois, who are rid of the least popular (approval rating: 13 percent), most ineffective and most personally and politically toxic governor in the country.

David Gergen had the line of the day: "I have a hard time pronouncing his name. I just call him 'the idiot.'"

Patrick Fitzgerald has been assigned to prosecute the case. He's the U.S. attorney who prosecuted the Valerie Plame leak. 

He must refuse any and all overtures from the governor to plea bargain. 

Blagojevich needs to go to prison for a long time. His comfortable life, as he knows it, needs to end.

I hope Fitzgerald goes for the jugular.

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