10 April 2009

Required reading: Mid-April

The next several weeks will keep me busy, as law school graduation and a wedding approach (I know, who would marry an obnoxious bomb-thrower like the Commish?), so here's some reading to tide you over:

This idiotic column epitomizes everything that is wrong with the average Obama voter.

But if you agree with it, starry-eyed Obamatrons, have I got something for you!

Mort Zuckerman takes a thoughtful look at the president's Iran problem.

The Economist evaluates his push to include Turkey in the E.U.

Thanks to his illustrious tenure as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Chris Dodd's bid for re-election is in serious trouble. (That 33 percent approval rating is legitimate Bush territory.)

I won't ever claim that Ted Stevens is an entirely above-board guy, but the prosecutorial misconduct in his corruption trial was disgusting.

Glenn Greenwald pens a must-read on the expansive privileges claimed by the Obama Justice Department. Greenwald's analysis is fantastic and hopefully will get treatment here in a future post.

Will you conservative readers stay on your "states' rights" soapbox after Vermont did this? (You should.)

Steve Malenga skewers the Democrats' curious obsession with those evil rich people.

The GOP -- finally -- made its first good decision since the November election.

Bob Gates as defense secretary is a good thing.

This is something the Commish's fraternity proudly would have done. (Hat tip: Pajama Pundit.)

As Jeff Gordon of STLtoday.com noted, since the Bengals have signed Tank Johnson, doesn't the artist formerly known as Harris Smith have to be next on Marvin Lewis' shopping list?

And renowned rock journalist Stefan Chirazi chronicles Metallica's big night in Cleveland as only he can.

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