14 May 2009

The "Democrat-Socialist" tag

At the risk of trumping yesterday's rampage against Nancy and Harry's universal health care utopia, let me return to bashing the GOP.

I genuinely wonder if the powers that be are intentionally trying to push the Republican Party to the brink of extinction. The Republican National Committee is expected to vote on a resolution next week that would re-brand the Democrats as the "Democrat-Socialist Party."

Let me be clear that I believe the president is extremely liberal, and I could never envision myself drinking his leftist brand of vodka (now, if Sarah Palin somehow secured the Republican nomination in 2012, then perhaps we could talk ...). 

But this isn't about ideas or ideology -- it's about demonization and name-calling. This is the same nonsense that Pelosi, Michael Moore, Daily Kos moonbats and the Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic Party spent eight years doing vis-a-vis President Bush during the Republicans' consolidation of power. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Hannity/Ingraham wing of the GOP continues its incomprehensively annoying collective temper tantrum.

The emptiest cans always do seem to make the most noise. 

For Daily Kos moonbats and Ann Coulter devotees, politics is not about ideas or constructive dialogue. 

President Reagan and Newt Gingrich were the two most influential, successful Republicans of the last 50 years, and perhaps of the entire 20th century. Reagan swept into the White House in 1980 and, working with a Democratic Congress, cemented himself as one of America's greatest leaders. As noted in a previous post, while he was adored by conservatives, he was almost equally as loved by those near the center, as he used the bully pulpit of the White House to communicate his ideas and values to the American people. Gingrich was a leader in crafting the Contract with America, which blew the Democrats out of Congress and cemented a limited-government/personal-responsibility axiom that two-thirds of the country supported. It was about ideas, not idiotic name-calling. 

While Reagan and Gingrich rarely deviated from the core principles of conservatism, they realized that their rhetoric necessarily had to appeal to the middle third of the country that inevitably decides each and every election.

Their attitude toward politics could be summed up as such: "Let me tell you why it is you should agree with me."

For right- and left-wing moonbats alike, politics can be reduced to, "Here's why the other guy is a nut."

The key here is that most voters don't think the president is a socialist. Even if you genuinely believe that he is, why in the world would you broadcast this outside of an RNC boardroom?

Are you suicidal?

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Khaki Elephant said...

I think the GOP is taking a page out of the Dems playbook: if you say something long enough and loud enough then people will start to listen. It worked with global warming, "Bush is dumb," and mentioning Rush Limbaugh as the GOP leader at every press conference. Why not give it a go with socialism -- especially when the Feds have stepped into the public sector as never before concerning banks, the auto industry and credit card companies.