21 November 2009

The American descent

I have as much interest in reading "Going Rogue" as I did picking up a copy of "The Audacity of Hope." Shame on any of you who have even thought about feeding the circus of idiots surrounding the country's two most self-absorbed politicians.

It's fascinating, really. As much as they would like voters to think they are polar opposites -- one, a haughty, elitist, traditional big-government liberal; the other, a tax-cuttin', gun-totin' conservative from, you betcha, the "real America" -- Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are remarkably alike.

They both have captured the policy positions, as well as the bleeding hearts, of their respective parties' most extreme factions. Their devotees blindly look past their non-existent records and cling to their cults of personality as fervently and vociferously as fanatical zealots. More so than any other politicians I've ever observed, each is convinced of his or her own brilliance. It seems that the word "humility" isn't in the vocabulary of either.

And when the book tours are over, and the lights are out, and America, as it must, finally gets to the business of governing, the fact is that Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are perhaps the two least-qualified and worst-equipped candidates for the presidency we will ever encounter.

For the cults these two politicians have bred -- and too, for the objects of veneration themselves -- it's never about the policies, but rather the personalities. After all, who needs policy? Obama and Palin themselves are the policy.

Americans made a horrific choice in November 2008. It passed up perhaps the most qualified candidate for the presidency in my lifetime in favor of arguably the least. Can you even imagine the depths of the abyss we'll discover if it makes the next-worst choice in 2012?

As Steve Chapman noted: Leaders who can think?

That's so 20th century.

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