01 January 2010

2010 predictions

Happy new year.

Some predictions for the year ahead:

The Democrats' beloved cap-and-trade bill will not pass, as moderate Dems will have had enough of the administration's pushy, unpopular initiatives.

Unemployment will continue to recede and the stock market will continue to rise, but the president will be lucky to maintain his current approval rating in the high-40s/low-50s.

Cooler heads will prevail and our beloved filibuster will remain untouched.

Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney will emerge as the clear-cut frontrunners for the Republican nomination.

Sarah Palin will continue to do everything wrong, and choose not to launch a primary challenge against the avowedly pro-choice Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has had her own ethical troubles.

Republicans will enjoy a big election night in November, but because of their huge deficits in the House and the Senate, will fail to re-take either chamber of Congress.

The far left Dept. of Moonbattery, of course, will maintain that their party sustained such heavy losses because the president isn't liberal enough.

Venerable Democrat Chris Dodd will lose his seat -- and lose big -- to former Rep. Rob Simmons.

Harry Reid will be the second consecutive Democratic majority leader (following his predecessor Tom Daschle) to lose his seat.

The Democrats will hang onto Obama's old seat in Illinois, as suburban Chicago Rep. Mark Kirk will be buried by an 11th-hour campaign blitz led by the Changemaker himself.

The GOP will lose retiring Sen. Kit Bond's seat, as Secretary of State Robin Carnahan will edge Rep. Roy Blunt.

Ron Paul's son, Rand, will win outgoing Sen. Jim Bunning's seat, once thought to be in danger of flipping to blue.

The Club for Growth's Pat Toomey will oust Arlen Specter.

In sum, the GOP will gain between 4-6 seats in the Senate and 20-30 in the House, effectively closing the Democrats' window for slamming through the remainder of their agenda.

Iran will continue to thumb its nose at the global community and continue on its path to nuclear armament, and the administration will continue to respond with spongy-kneed rhetoric about deadlines that can't and won't be enforced.

And this band will put out the album of the year.

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