26 January 2009

The Changemaker vs. El Rushbo

When you're the leader of the free world, is it wise to pick a fight with a talk-radio host?

I'd like to hear Joe Klein or Arianna Huffington explain this one away.

In purportedly sowing the seeds for his transcendent brand of bipartisanship (*guffaw*) among Beltway types, The One said on Friday, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

As Robert Stacy McCain from "The Other McCain" pointed out, can you imagine the media's reaction if President Bush would have said the same thing about Keith Olbermann?

I don't listen to Limbaugh. In the past, I have noted on this site that the conservative movement will be in a perpetual state of intellectual discord as long as Limbaugh is its preeminent voice. (And with an average listenership of 20 million, El Rushbo isn't going away.) In a democratic republic that requires the approval of two houses of Congress as well as the president's signature, compromise is often necessary. How can there be a "conservative" position, for instance, on something like climate change?

But the fact that the president of the United States chose to call out a talk-radio host is beyond laughable. 

A year from now, I believe we will be able to look back on Obama's shot at Limbaugh as a sentinel event in turning the scattered Republican minority into a unified opposition against the Changemaker's left-wing agenda. The 41-seat (plus Joe Lieberman) Republican minority in the Senate could make things incredibly difficult for Team Hope. 

Attacking Rush Limbaugh doesn't quite demonstrate the transformative spirit of hope, change and bipartisanship that I was promised.

Obama has now apparently succumbed to the Limbaugh/Bush derangement syndrome that has caused the Democratic Party -- despite a decade of impotence and corruption within the GOP -- to languish as merely the lesser of two evils in the minds of most voters.

And he's the president.

For those of us with any shred of knowledge of the Obama's political past, this is far from surprising. He ran as a moderate, but in reality, is anything but. This is a man who has shown an unwillingness throughout his political career to step out of lockstep with his party on anything of substance, and who only is interested in compromise so long as the opposition moves his way. 

The fact that he would call out a talk-radio host demonstrates a personal animus that is unbecoming of the high office he holds.


Anonymous said...

Rush is probably the single best thing to happen to the conservative movement since Ronald Reagan. I can't think of any other public figure who is as consistently and unflaggingly conservative as Rush. We would be much better off if we had a few hundred of him sitting in Congress rather than the go-along to get-along crowd of moderates that we currently have.

Also, bipartisanship is a joke. All it has ever meant is liberal code speak for what's mine is mine and what's yours is open to negotiation. I didn't elect my Congressmen to compromise or be bipartisan; I elected them to advance a conservative, Constitutional agenda with as much vigor as possible. They're there to defeat Democrats, not compromise with them. Indeed, there can be no compromise between liberty and tyranny. Even a little tyranny is still tyranny.

Anonymous said...

was this really worthy of a blog post?

Snow Cone Vendor #1 said...

Bush's stimulus plan didn't work whatsoever, the TARP didn't work whatsoever, I can't wait for Obama's first big hope filled plan (coupled with the 2nd half of the TARP funds) to flop like an overweight quadriplegic falling out his wheelchair after forgetting to put on his seatbelt before he navigated over a speed bump in the parking lot the evil Walmart that hired him to work as a greeter when no other employer would consider paying him to do nothing more than greet low income individuals to a store that allows them to live at a standard of living that would be wholly impossible without Walmart’s evil cost cutting and rollback prices.........its ok though, because Obama’s failure will assuredly be blamed on Bush, just like global warming, the invention of the atom bomb and the killing of Jesus.