25 March 2009

Required reading: March

I'll be holed up until at least Tuesday finishing what is effectively my final large-scale law school assignment. Thus, it seemed like a good time to begin what we hope will be a monthly collection of some of the most notable stories and opinion pieces from around this wonderful "series of tubes" (hat tip: Ted Stevens).

And, of course, please feel free to read yesterday's post on the GOP's delusional wing and express your dissatisfaction.

This month-opening salvo from the much-maligned David Brooks exemplifies why few others can match his finest work.

A bit of retro red meat for those of you hungry for some Obama-bashing.

Speak of the devil: Zogby says that His Hopeness' approval rating has dropped to 50 percent.

Arlen Specter's bid for reelection is in big trouble.

Our buddy Pajama Pundit sears Bill O'Reilly with a must-read. 

A crowd led by our friend Jammie Wearing Fool hilariously left Chuck Schumer speechless at the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York.

On the heels of their best album in 20 years, the Commish's favorite band will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame a week from Saturday.

And, finally, the newest and perhaps most hilarious addition to our "Essentials" section: Barack's Teleprompter.

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