12 March 2009

Rebuffed by the GOP, the Intellectuals Might Soon Turn Their Backs on the Changemaker as Well

We spend a lot of time on this blog attacking the hypocrisy and emptiness of the GOP's rhetoric. In our last post, we discussed how the GOP has lost its focus completely and driven away anyone within 100 miles of a coast or a great lake, and, essentially, anyone with a college degree. The GOP has insulted us and we attack them when they're wrong with the same passion that we attack the dems.

But the GOP has the chance to win us intellectuals back. And this is a sign that it's not impossible.

Gone are the days of universal support among intellectuals: Clinton, maligned though he was among most of the Republican "base" in Middle America, had what seems now to be universal support for his economic plan among those in the know.

And we all know now that his plan worked.

Contrast that with The Patron Saint of Hope. He gets a failing grade from economists.

I hope that these economists' fears are wrong, but I too fear that time will show us that our fearless leader's economic plan, outrageous budgets, enormous tax increases, and promises of redistribution of wealth will haunt us now and for decades to come.

Your move, GOP.


Jonathan Bert said...

The jury is still out on Obama, hope is not lost. The GOP is not offering any new ideas, their old ideas are (rightly, I think) blamed for the mess we are trying to get out of, and the GOP's leader is an ignorant, pill popping radio shock-jock. A major flow of intellectuals to the Republican Party is not anticipated.

Karol said...

But the GOP has the chance to win us intellectuals back.

No, thanks. -The GOP.

Intellectuals got us John McCain as a candidate and Barack Obama as president. I'd rather people who are capable rather than those who consider themselves intellectual and generally just like hearing themselves speak.