23 July 2009

A few final links

I couldn't help but post the following links in-between cramming sessions:

Terming the president's health-care push a "suicide march," this column shows why, at his best, there is none better than David Brooks.

The Atlantic columnist Clive Crook, a self-avowed liberal, agrees with Brooks.

... and the immeasurable Charles Krauthammer piles on.

This fascinating write-up by Time Magazine pieces together the final weeks of the Bush-Cheney relationship, and more specifically, the president's refusal to pardon Scooter Libby.

Scott Rasmussen's gang came up with some interesting 2012 numbers.

And finally, back to Brooks: It's no secret that one of the heroes of this site is Sen. John McCain. Ergo, I've had this retro Brooks piece from the heat of the campaign bookmarked for about 10 months, and re-read it from time to time as a reminder of what might have been if my guy had actually become president. If you're a partisan on either side, chances are you are no great fan of the Senior Senator. But the column is a great read.

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