18 July 2009

Required reading: Commish's bar exam edition

I thoroughly enjoyed the riled-up response to our comments about Gov. Palin. I sincerely hope our conservative readers enjoyed being offended as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The culmination of three miserable years of law school will take place in less than two weeks, as I will sit for the Missouri Bar Exam on July 28 and 29. In the meantime, here's some reading to tide you over:

Sen. Judd Gregg -- who should have serious gravitas in everyone's book as President Obama's choice for Commerce Secretary -- hits the Democrats' horrendous health care bill.

The Wall Street Journal has more.

And for our comments on Harry and Nancy's socialist utopia from earlier in the year, click here.

A centrist House Democrat says that moderates have enough votes to block Pelosi's bill in committee. Let's hope so.

On that note, how's that consensus-building going, Mr. President?

Our pal John Burke at The Purple Center examines the left's attack on moderate Democrats.

The left-leaning Tax Policy Center at the Brookings Institute provided some excellent commentary on the Democrats' desire to tax the rich into oblivion. (Hat tip: Donald Luskin)

Let me offer polite applause for the president's stand against more wasteful defense spending. Our thoughts on the Department of Defense's Cold War mindset can be found here.

Our friend (and fellow lawyer) Ron Coleman at Likelihood of Success has a few thoughts worth checking out regarding Judge Sotomayor. There will be more to come from our end in early August.

Byron Dorgan lays down the law!

Has there ever been a better induction speech than this one?

Meghan McCain rips Joe the Plumber. For our slightly more sophisticated thoughts on the dumbing down of the GOP, click here.

A reader's comments to Andrew Sullivan are spot-on regarding Sarah Palin.

Three days after we blasted the Alaska governor in this space (click here if you just can't get enough), Peggy Noonan offered similar thoughts that were brilliant. Her column couldn't capture my sentiments any more perfectly.

Finally, if you haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, head over to Donklephant. I received an offer to contribute some of our material over there awhile back, and plan to take editor Justin Gardner up on it when I actually figure out HTML. Among others, our pal the Pajama Pundit is a regular contributor, so it's worth adding to your daily read.

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