31 March 2010

Are we still taking John Boehner seriously?

The Republican mantra since the 2008 election has been "drill baby drill."

Today, President Obama announced intentions to do just that, but apparently that's not good enough for the House Minority Leader and other like-minded conservative knuckleheads who have somehow found a reason to criticize the White House for adopting the Palin/Limbaugh wing's only piece of energy policy.

Recently, and more quietly, Obama also announced plans to pursue the other avenue that more serious conservatives have pushed, when he announced plans to build the first two American nuclear power plants in three decades.

If you're conservative, how can you possibly oppose this?

There's ideology, and then there's politics.

This is politics.

Yes, the White House's plan to drill might not go as far as many conservatives would prefer in terms of the coastal areas that will be explored, but why not give credit where credit's due when the president makes the Democratic Party's moonbat wing shriek in opposition? By the way, check out the interactive map here as to the new areas that will be opened for drilling. This is an impressive expansion of our existing activities.

John Boehner's job is of course to oppose the president at every turn, but perhaps a tip of his hat every now and then might convince more people that he is anything other than a partisan hack.

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